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Many of us know the story of setting a goal that we would like to reach. After we have set the goals, what happens next? Often, we try very enthusiastically in the beginning and then quickly forget or fail to keep up the action needed in the long term to actually reach our goal.

This cycle of setting a goal and not reaching it can be very demoralising and make the whole process of reaching for a goal feel very hard and difficult. That’s why we want to share with you how you can use play to make the whole process of reaching for your goals much more enjoyable. If you knew that you could be playing and at the same time be more successful while working towards your goals, wouldn’t that be great?!

Discover 3 Play Ways to reach your goals.

Enjoy already the process of reaching for goals and succeed

In this video Dieter shows three different ways that you can use play – play ways – to help you reach your goals. Try them out and find your experience change!

“… Most people would panic in such situations but this two guys started to play…”

As with all play, it is worth remembering that play is primarily something we do because it is enjoyable in itself. If you trick yourself into using these play ways only as some technique, then it will probably not feel like play and you will not get all the benefits that play has to offer, both for your quality of life and for the achievement of goals.

Will you accept the challenge of trying these play ways and really making them feel like play?

Dieter Schwartz

Author of this article

If you want to know 9 more Play Ways that help you to reach your goals you will find them in the 5th module of the course “The Play Way of Life”.

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