Play Workshop

We offer Play Workshops of various lengths, for varying group sizes and for different purposes. Our workshops last between 2 hours to several days and can hold anything from 2 to 200 people. We provide people with a very practical experience of play and let the play experience speak for itself. Last time it spoke, we heard words of joyous freedom and intense delight.

If you want to organise a workshop together with us, send us an email at with the subject “Workshop” and we’ll be more than happy to see what we can do together!


Human Play Academy - Workshop

What Our Participants Say:

The mood of the whole workshop was very welcoming, safe, joyful, exuberant – as if old friends met. I experienced a great connection with myself all the time and at the same time it seems that I have never communicated with so many people at once…

I felt during the workshop that play was a part of myself and I saw its value as an instrument of self-development, interaction and helping others.

This weekend I was impressed with the simple and I was happy with the new. I studied myself, enjoyed the space and how wonderful others were, understood the important things about trust and aggression. And I played, played, played…

In this workshop I understood: “all of the most important adventures take place within ourselves.”

The participation in the play workshop gave me the opportunity to get closer to answers to pressing personal questions, and to live. I played the whole time, without worrying about anything – with a sense of ownership, comfort and being in a safe environment.

An incredible atmosphere of acceptance, shared joy, trust, contact with oneself. Now I want to stop forcing myself to do so many things without inner connection and do only what arises from this contact with myself, which also makes it possible for me to connect with others. Rebirth.