A Difficult Time

Right now, there are many people who say that the last few months have been serious months, characterised by hard and sometimes lonely work from home. Many of us long for opportunities to do something fun together with the people around us: colleagues, friends and family. 

People long for the human connection that they used to get from personal encounters at the office or from group gatherings with other people. Without the likes of watercooler conversations and office small talk, the social fabric gradually gets thinner and thinner and people feel more distanced from one another.

That’s why we developed our first ever online workshop format: Not Alone. This is a virtual, one-hour workshop delivered over zoom and it gets people to connect, share their authentic selves with each other and have fun together. Social (= physical) distance maintained, human to human distance minimised.


One manager and participant said that after the Not Alone workshop, she realised you can have as much fun online as you can in real life. 

How did we achieve this you might wonder? Well, it is quite simple and there are three parts to it: 

  • First, we get people to connect with themselves in the here and now.
  • Then, we connect with each other and 
  • Finally, we celebrate life together through play

All of this done with a great deal of authenticity, joy and freedom. 


If you’re sceptical about this – don’t worry, so were we in the beginning. For a long time, we didn’t want to do anything online because we thought we couldn’t replicate the quality of our live workshops in an online environment. Then we realised that many online meetings or zoom events which are supposed to be fun and meaningful fail to be so for one (or more) of the following reasons: 

  • Virtual meeting leaders fail to ground participants in the here and now.
  • Virtual meeting leaders don’t manage to make a safe enough environment so that people dare to be and/or share their authentic selves.
  • Exercises or games used are not tailored to zoom and/or rely on people acting in a way that they are not comfortable with.

Once we understood this, we designed our Not Alone workshop to avoid these pitfalls and we are now really proud to say that our workshop is helping people connect and experience joy together while working from home.


We want everyone to get through the pandemic with good mental and physical health and this is our way of helping people who are struggling right now.

We offer our Not Alone workshop to companies or organisations in two ways: 

  1. For teams who want to connect with each other and do something fun and meaningful together.
  2. For managers, leaders and facilitators who want to learn how to lead meaningful and enjoyable virtual meetings or workshops. 

Both alternatives can be done as a one-off event or as a series of workshops. We keep adding material to our repertoire all the time as we discover more and more of what actually works in an online environment. 

If you are interested to hear more or talk about the situation in your organisation and how we might be able to help, get in touch via email at info@humanplayacademy.com.