Are you looking for a Corona-friendly game to play with a lot of people?

Rrecently we played a really great game called The Hungarian Game in a summer camp in the Czech Republic, where two teams are trying to find a treasure and bring it back to their base before the time runs out. Every player has a headband with a three-digit number and if someone calls out their number they are caught! For a complete description of the rules, see the comment section.

Which offline games have you managed to play this summer while abiding by Corona restrictions? Please satisfy our curiosity by letting us know in the comments below!

Detailed Description

The Hungarian Game is best played in a setting in nature with a varied landscape with many obstacles to hide behind.


  • Get a group of people together (at least 10) and decide on the boundaries of your playing field. The more people who are playing, the bigger the playing field should be.
  • Select a game master who will not be playing in the game.
  • Find some kind of treasure, ideally a golden object, and let the game master hide this somewhere on the playing field.
  • Get ribbons with 3-digit numbers written on them in large writing. These ribbons should be large enough that they can be tied around a person’s head and the writing should be large enough that it is visible from approximately 10 meters distance.
  • Decide how long a round of the game should last. The game master will keep track of the time and let everyone know when the time is up.
  • Divide the group in two teams. Each team needs to have a base somewhere in the playing field.


  • The winner of the game is the team who has the treasure closest to their base when the time is up.
  • At the start of the game, the team members should be in their base and every team member needs to have a 3-digit ribbon tied around their head.
  • After the game has started, everyone is allowed to go wherever they want on the playing field while searching for the treasure. If you find the treasure, you can move it as you like but be careful so that no one sees you with the treasure!
  • You can only hold on to the treasure while you are moving. If you stand still for more than three seconds, you have to put the treasure down on the ground.

Rules regarding the ribbon

– If someone from the opposite team sees your number and shouts it out loud, then you will have to go to the game master and get a new ribbon. After this, you must return to your base and start exploring again.
– If someone shouts a number but it is not the number you have on your ribbon, you can keep going looking for the treasure.
– If you had the treasure when someone shouted out your number, you must leave the treasure where you are standing right now.
– You are not allowed to cover your ribbon with any parts of your own body but you can cover your ribbon behind someone else’s body or behind fixed objects (trees, tables, etc.). You are not allowed to pick up an object, for example a chair, and use this to cover your ribbon while moving.