A Playful Retreat Week

If you need a break, a period of time to reorient yourself or are looking for a way to re-energise (or just have a nice vacation), we would like you to come and play with us in one of our retreat weeks. By being together with us for a week, talking about life and getting to do some play everyday, you will experience an autonomous, sustainable and joyful way of living which you can incorporate in your everyday life after the retreat.

The date of our next retreat has not been decided due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you would like to take part in one of our retreats, you can send an email to us at info@humanplayacademy.com with the subject “Retreat” to let us know that you are interested. Once we have a date and location planned, we will then get back to you with more information so that you can join if you want.


Human Play Academy - Retreat Week