Some people say meetings and games don’t go hand in hand. We say they do.

Watch or read below to find out why!

By having just one or two short activities at the right time, for example at the start and after a break, you can significantly increase the energy and the level of engagement in a meeting. You will also have more fun and feel more connected to those that you are meeting with! 

In other words, what’s not to like about games in meetings? 

Here are three games that we think you would really enjoy if you’re craving some variation, fun and play in your online world. 

The first game is a zoom version of Hide & Seek. Really great fun in all its simplicity. Thank you Holly Stoppit for introducing this game to us!

The second game is perhaps more of an exercise really and it is a great way to start a meeting. If we had to give it a name maybe a suitable one would be Your Energy Moves?

Finally, there is a game called Exaggerate which is an incredibly fun way to raise the energy in the virtual room. This is a perfect activity to do after a break to get everybody energised.

As with all play, it is well worth remembering that play is a voluntary activity. If you mention this before you introduce any games or exercises to your group, also adding that it is totally ok not to join (by saying “I pass” for example), you help people connect with what they want. This will make the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone. 

Now be brave and decide which one of these games you will play with your friends or colleagues next time you e-meet!

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